Saving For College

I don't know about you, but I didn't have any money that was saved for me to attend college. Even though it was something that I wanted so very badly, it never really seemed like it was quite within my reach, and I know my parents felt the same in their youth. I am driven to break that cycle with my children. We aren't rich in any sense of the word, but I want my children to know that college is not only attainable, but that they deserve a quality education just as much as any kid that grew up with wealthy parents. I want them to go to college with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will not be drowning in debt on their graduation day.

Valuing Education

We place a high value on education in our house. This undoubtedly stems from my husband and I's journey with desiring higher education, but not having that luxury immediately after high school. I had to wait until I got married to attend college, and that was certainly not by choice. I am currently finishing up my undergrad in Marketing at the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Andy (Cameron's dad) was not able to go to college until he joined the Air Force at the age of 21 and he is a first generation college grad. Andy has completed his bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and went back almost immediately to get his Masters in Business Administration. He is currently considering going back to school to get his doctorate. We want our children to understand that education should be something that is accessible to everyone, but that is just not the case. We want them to feel blessed to have the opportunity to better themselves and to have parents that support them in doing so.

Where We are Now

Luckily, Cameron is a great student and always has been. His report card has never seen anything lower than an occasional "B", but his last three report cards have been straight A's and he is incredibly proud of that. We always tell him that if he works really hard he can get an academic scholarship, and all of the money that we saved for his college can be for extra expenses while he's in school like a car or a nicer dorm room and/ or the downpayment on a house when he graduates. He is a very motivated kid and if you haven't checked out our "Meet Cameron" page I highly recommend looking at his story. He is a pretty amazing kid.

Our Plan

Since I am still in school full-time we are incredibly strapped for cash in our house on one income. Our plan is to contribute what we can until I graduate in May of 2022. Once I'm able to go back to work we're planning on contributing $200-$300 a month to the kids' college funds. Emery (Cameron's baby sister) is so young that we should have plenty of time to save up for her, however, Cameron will be almost 11 when I graduate, and we will be playing a major game of catchup trying to fund his college tuition in only 7 years. We are planning to use this business to aid us in building that fund at a faster rate for him because he so deserves it. 50% of all merchandise, 10% of all snacks, and 100% of all donations from Circle City Concessions will support Cameron's College Fund.

Cameron's Take

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