Hard Realities and Exciting Days Ahead

Mom's Take

Financial disappointments are just a part of the game when starting a business or investing. Heck, they are a part of adulting altogether. February was a rough month for Circle City Concessions mainly because we introduced a Valentine's day product, called candy grams, and even though we were excited about them we couldn't seem to get you guys interested and they were a complete failure.

This was the first time Cameron had experienced something with the business not doing better than expected and he was really discouraged once Valentine's day came and went. It literally broke my heart to see him so disappointed, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass to explain to him that this was the first time, but it certainly was not the last, and that him and his business are more than his last success or failure. We sat down and talked about our goals and plans for the future to reignite the excitement he had when things were going well. We talked about what it is that we think went wrong and tried to come up with a plan to do things differently in the future.

Our conclusion was that we were lazy and took the power of marketing for granted. There was a lot of time invested in planning and promoting our popular "Night Before Christmas" Boxes that were released in November, and it did pretty well. Although the candy grams were a really cool idea, we didn't come up with the concept until a couple weeks before Valentine's Day, which left us with very little time to promote them. We learned that we have got to start planning way in advance to get the product in, take photos, and create awareness that it is available in our shop. We can't expect people to support something that they aren't aware exists, and that is just the long and short of it.

Cam's Take

Business is not always easy sometimes you fail sometimes you do good, but if you fail it's okay sometimes business is not always successful we just have to work through it. The Valentine's day (candy gram) was not that successful but thats okay because ITS A PART OF business!

We have recently received some great news! We have a meeting with of the Black Chamber of Commerce! We also have two booked events so we are getting ready for that. It's been a pretty exiting month of April.

I also am coding on Wednesdays and Fridays at Code Ninja Indy. I already have yellow belt and thats a big upgrade. I know how to code! I know this might sound crazy but i'm learning how to swim. Yes I'm 8 and still don't know how to swim. Well I'm making great progress thanks to Goldfish Swim School. I know how stay above water but I just need help with getting my feet closer to the top of the water when I'm swimming and thats it!

You know what time it is? MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Yes I'm going to be 9 this month on April 24th. Its very crazy that i have been alive for 9 years! Thats almost a decade!

I am thankful for my life and everything God has provided for me. God talked to me before he said "Cameron you're a great kid I know there's something bright in your future, you're going to be very successful." I saw it with my own eyes one day outside and I knew it was going to be true! I don't know whats ahead for me but I just have to keep on working!

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