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Let's Get Snackin'

Hey Snackers,
Thanks for coming to support Cameron in his mission to pay for college through entrepreneurship.
We love snacking, and we are planning on snacking our way through teaching him about how to run a business. Throughout this journey, he will be a part of every decision. He runs his own social media under the supervision of adults, and is really passionate about having great customer service. He will be learning the ins and outs of finance, marketing, and investing that will undoubtedly help make college a breeze for our smart boy. 
50% of proceeds from merchandise go directly into his college fund as well as 10% from all snack sales.
You can also make a donation which goes 100% to his college fund.

Support Circle City

with merch



Circle City takes quality seriously. Whether its snacks or T-shirts its important to us that we exceed your expectations. I have added three new products to our shop and we would love for you to snag some merch to spread the word about our awesome services and products.


When you buy merch, it goes a long way to helping me reach my goal of earning money for college because 50% of the proceeds go straight to my college fund!

If you purchase one of our products please don't forget to tag us in a picture of you wearing or using it on Instagram and Facebook so that I can show my appreciation for your support. 

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Image by Nathan Lemon

Kid-Owned and Family-operated

Cameron is the brains behind this operation, but our whole family is a part of the action. Whether it's content creation, ordering, or packaging, it's a family affair, and we have so much fun doing it.



We are proud to say that you can find us on google! Whether you bought one of our products or used/saw us at an event we would love to hear your feedback.